She becomes her

Million miles of distance
doesn’t lessen the star’s shimmering radiance

flawlessly resembling her alluring pre-eminence
A glimpse would strike my heart with a soothing trance
I would move, but go nowhere

My standstill eyes would seek one more fleeting glance
The presence of an ocean of silence echoing the distance

Aggravating to witness the mirage with qualm
Indefinable is this wayward sight of another person’s soul
How much shall I eulogize, how much shall I extol
A stranger I am, concealed from her, straightway invisible.


Memories in search of an identity

Who are you and what are you up to?
Not sure of your identity somehow
Still looking for the real you within yourself
You are what you actually are and you would become what you’re supposed to be.

Looking for answers won’t define you
cause the answers lie deep within you
Are you even sure of the questions you are asking?
Why are you so afraid to be who you are?

It’s okay to be a no one. People discriminate, life doesn’t
You cannot let go of the memories, even if it tears you apart.
Even if it brings back all the suffering in the whole world.
Let it beat like a second heart, let it warm you up from the inside,
But you never turn your back.

Times would go by; memories will last;
Days would decease, nights would come to a halt
The present might be an embargo, but it would leave behind the past.
A time would come, when that heart of yours would eliminate the bad
Wait, have patience till the memories last,
Let it evoke a part of you that’s no more yours,
But don’t stop loving the present,

There would be times, when you would like to roll back the clock,
to be with those memories reminisce,
don’t overlook them, but don’t live there as well
they are not as perfect as they look from here
they might be your keys to happiness, but then again are those who are with you right now.

memories can be deceiving too,
they might not be what they actually are.
Sometimes they are just a fictional construct of your heart
An ideal restoration of a darker past.

~ tapanjena