And my heart goes numb….

In the faraway mountains, I heard your voice,
Near the holy river, I felt your soothing touch;

They say you are fiction from my imagination,
But how could it be, if I can imagine you, dream about you,
How could it be, when your thoughts make my heart go numb;


The poem with no name – II

there’s something deeper to life than what our eyes see,
there’s more to the freedom of soul than what we consider to be free,

they say, the world’s so strange,
won’t it be, if we failed to comprehend!!

Rumi and me

That was the day she broke down the fence
To fly towards her secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment,

To move further with sheer confidence;
Was certain to leave her nightmares behind, she was indefatigable and ardent

Finally the time has come to reclaim her life;