Forever and ever – Part 1

Hey you GIRL!! Yes I am talking to you. Are you asking why I am not even revealing your name? Well you know who you are & I too know who you are? And, isn’t it the same guy who wrote the greatest love story (Romeo and Juliet for Christ’s sake) ever (Ours won’t be a doomed one for sure & it’s a promise) had once said, “What’s in a name?”

So let me come straight to the point. Well it’s the buildup of whole lot of points. I might not even put up everything over here, but we both feel it each day of our lives. Still All I want – is to shout out loud and tell the whole damn world even if nobody is interested.

So let me begin. That day was the first day. You Were in the middle of some sort test and I was on my way to lunch. My colleague (your interviewer) asked about something and I got a chance to have a better glance into that beautiful face of yours and all I saw was magic. Sometimes it takes time to understand the unexplained charm of an enchantress. But the spell was cast and in exactly two months, I had my first tête-à-tête with you. So what if it was just a “Hi”. I tried really hard in not wearing my mask of acting weird (in other words, coming out as a arrogant jerk) in front of a beautiful stranger girl. Failed miserably though. But the heavens had already pre-destined our love story. All that was needed was that little spark and it finally happened after all those fun team outing, group pic upload and status update in fb (someone was feeling wonderful that day and someone was not alone, as another heart was beating fast as well), photo tagging by a friend (someone’s status of “feeling wonderful” become “feeling wonderful with X -lets call him X).

Then the first chat, the first WhatsApp message, the first phone call and finally the first date- (That was the last the last time I acted weird). Days become weeks and weeks into months. We were like inseparable. If not seeing you for a day, life would become incomplete.



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