I live in your memories

Some 50 years ago,  a girl was born to a poor farming family in a faraway village. The dad was a farmer/trader and the mom- an illiterate child bride.

She was not their first child, though. The one before her, had died during child birth.

In an era, when people shunned families with a girl child, her birth was celebrated.

Time surely fly. In a couple of years, she would get into a school and would continue till 6th grade. Her  father valued education and did not shared the beliefs of million others of that time. Good times are not meant to be for forever. The father left home to become an aesthetic. Guess what can be worse than the absence of a loving father, i.e, a full stop on your education for you being a girl. Her brothers continued school, yet she couldn’t.

There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’

She didn’t gave up and somehow continued behind closed doors. In a couple of years, she would pass Matriculation and would leave for the city for higher education. The hardships of her city life is unsharable here.

In those difficult times, God had other plans for her. Even before, she could complete her 12th, she was forced into an arrange marriage. 

The guy, she married would defy his own family, so that she can continue her education, though. She joined Nursing school (as that was only thing she could afford, in those hard times)

In spite of poverty, a hostile society, unaccepting family and numerous other hardships, she never gave up and was wise enough to make sure that, her children won’t ever face any of those hardships which blocked her roads. The costs were unthinkable, but she managed it.

No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.” But she took the opposite route- the one that would make things better.

This life (the life of the guy writing this post) is indebted to her.  Love you mom. Without you, none of us would have made it.

She was like the moon- part of her was always hidden away.



  1. Shweta sharma · April 12

    All respects …

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