And, she is gone

It’s been a year and half since you are gone

Still remembers your promise of coming back before the dawn

May be it was just my hallucination,

Yet I believed in it, but you never returned.


Never got saddened as I assumed, sooner or later you gonna come back home

Though that did not happen, my hopes are still on

Without you, my whole world came to a standstill

Yet, you considered all of it, as absurd and unreal


Without you, the light of my life is gone,

I can’t even feel the heavy rain or the blazing sun

The shimmering light which was about to get bright,

Turned dimmer, leaving far from each one’s sight


But still the eyes are wide open,

And heart goes numb, whenever there’s a knock on the door

So please come back soon


Dream of a ………

Every day, I wake up, I brush my teeth,

I leave my bags full emotions at home and come to office

That day was different; mind was full of thoughts which were not mundane


People were babbling that a revolution gonna come,

Eventually, they were feeling proud in calling India home

A country free of poverty, of no more corruption scandals

Change finally arrived as people are geared up for the final battle


No more inequality, end of youth’s blameful apathy

Thou shalt not allow these crooked politicians to spread their wings

It was at par with the successful renaissance of Arab spring


But I lied to you; all of it was just a dream

Which ruined as I woke up with a delusionary scream?