I Dreamed a Dream

Here’s the somewhat completed version of the poem posted in the previous post,

I dreamed a dream,
A beautiful dream
That was a dream of love, of passions coming straight from the core (of my heart)
Of emotions, that would never go sour
That was a dream of care, of devotion and prayer
Of feelings which will make the eyes full of tear.

A dream of courage, of getting rid of the saggy evil wreckage (of my mind)
Without becoming my inner demons hostage
A dream of gratitude, coming out of the shell of solitude
A dream where begins the end of solitary confinement,
The journey of all new excitement

A dream of endless emotions
The eternity of its mystification
A dream where you speak your heart out
Even when you are in crowd, you just standout

Once the eyes opened,
The whole thing shattered with a scream
And that was the end of my beautiful dream 😦


One comment

  1. Sushree · September 21, 2013

    Now ur dream might find its destiny…….Nice piece of work…..!!

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