So what matters?

Some years ago Arundhati Ray wrote THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS and won a booker prize. We have so many important gods, but still the title of the book was the god of small things. The reason being we Indians don’t even care about big things. People are dying of hunger; let them die…Too much population. What’s important is whether Poonam Pandey will strip or not! Sunny Leone will stop doing Porn films or not! Female Foeticide, Dowry deaths, Bomb blasts, Extreme poverty are not important here. Shahrukh Khan slapping the husband of Farah Khan is important. Salman’s love affairs are important.

That’s the reason; there was no uproar when Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia declared 30 rupees as the benchmark to decide the level of poverty. But MLAs watching porn in Karnataka Assembly was a matter of greater threat to our society.  Porn is illegal and we Indians never watch those kinds of adult stuffs. Let more people die of hunger because they won’t be getting the government benefit of living under the poverty level. No news channel considered it important as those people (who earn 30 rupees a day) are not coming under their target audience. Some  4 years ago the world bank published a report where it was revealed that around 456 million people in India are living below 1.25 US Dollar a day (International poverty level) and some 80 % of Indians are living below 2 US Dollar a day. Just because you have changed the benchmark does not mean that 40 % of us won’t be living below 1.25 US Dollar a day. They will be. But they won’t be considered as poor.

India is a land of contradictions. If something is true, its exact opposite can also be true. (Courtesy: Sarah McDonald)

(Disclaimer:The thoughts are incomplete here. So no conclusion is derived from here.)


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  1. Sushree · August 11, 2012

    There cannot be any conclusions derived as there are Multi-Perception prevailing in Indian Mind. So , U have rightly pointed out dear friend and i.e. still there are millions, billions, trllions n I dont know how much money is kept un-utillised yet in the Indian Land which are the National as well as Foreign Contributions. And I think Central Government has taken a very brilliant step for eroding away the foreign money and not allow them any more to come into our Indian Land.. Jai Hind…..!

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