Does It Matter?

Is our planet is the sole one where life is flourishing or there are others in this universe. Even if there are other races living in different branches of this cosmos, does it matter? What matters is whether the life forms in this tiny planet are going in the right direction or not. The planet might be a tiny one in this giant universe, for me it’s itself a universe.
In this Earthen Universe, my world is the places I have stayed or visited in the last 23 or 24 years .For me the meaning of the term Aliens is people from other countries and not from other planets. So is everything all right in the places I have stayed or visited. For your information I belong to a country which is a developing one right now, but majority of the aliens still consider it a third world country with extreme poverty, corrupt government and dirty politicians. Well if you have seen THE AVENGERS, my country looks like a Leprosy colony which the Real aliens even don’t care about. (They are too busy fighting the so called Avengers initiative and destroying Manhattan and Stuttgart.)
Still the producers of Avengers decided to release their movie in this Leprosy colony before the first world. Well, India is growing and the growth in entertainment industry is even better. (Hopefully in Avengers 2 the alien villains might attack my country. Hey it’s a booming economy, big middle class who watch movies in high priced multiplexes)
Oops, again I am getting diverted from the main topic. What to do? I am kind of a movie buff. Well the topic was whether the mankind is going in the right direction or not? (Particularly in the places where I have stayed or visited)
The answer would be hell NO. Today morning Aamir Khan said some 30 million girl children have been killed in my country for the reason being they are girls. (Courtesy: Satyameva Jayate) Only a fool can say Indians flourishing.
Many a times I have seen people (my fellow countrymen) sharing information in popular social networking platforms that majority of doctors and scientists in USA are of Indian origin. So India is a powerful nation. They are good people. No doubt about that. They feel pride when some Indian in some distant corner of this planet achieves something. But really does it matter. Not to me. Let’s assume that all the doctors in USA are Indian. Will that help in any way in providing medical treatment to the poor people of my country?
In a country, where the government makes a mockery of itself by declaring that if you are earning 30 rupees (60 American cents) a day, you are not poor, a country where the 4th pillar of the Democracy (The Free Press) are busy in entertaining the middle classes by showing Socialites, Rakhi Sawants as breaking news, how could someone can say Everything is all right.
John F Kennedy once quoted, “And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can dofor you; ask what you can do for your country.”
If any head of the state in my country ever dared to say these above words, he will be getting a reply, “my dear Prime minister, the reason being we elected you because we are too lazy to even think what we can do for my country, leave alone asking it.”
(Disclaimer: Here the term we represent the writer. We (The writer again) apologizes to all those people who thought (for a moment) that they were included in the WE mentioned in this article or whatsoever these few sentences above are.)


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