India & Inequality- 2

You can get rid of terrorism, but to get rid of inequality, it will take centuries and even aftert that you will find some sort of inequlity prevailing . P. Sainath the photojournalist focusing on rural rural affairs, poverty and the aftermaths of globalization in India once said that Inequality is a greater threat than terrorism.

Terrorism might blow up people and kill them but inequality can divide them and infill a kind of hatred for so long which people can never get rid of. When it comes to inequlity, we Indian are kind of specialists. For scienceand technology we might have lesser patent applications, but when it comes to innovation in the field of inequality, no one can beat us.

Economic inequality, religious inequality, regional inequalityPolitical inequlaity, inequality prevailing in the spheres of caste, creed, sex, education and what not.

As if the Preamble of our constitution is just a fictional novel written by J K Rowling. We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC & to provide all its people JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQULAITY & FRATERNITY. Does these words hold any truth in our country.

Leave apart blaming the government. Are we perfect? Are not we behave in a different way to people who are less fortunate (Those who are poor or sometimes belongs to a lower caste) than us as if they are from a poor alien planet.


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