India & Inequality- 2

You can get rid of terrorism, but to get rid of inequality, it will take centuries and even aftert that you will find some sort of inequlity prevailing . P. Sainath the photojournalist focusing on rural rural affairs, poverty and the aftermaths of globalization in India once said that Inequality is a greater threat than terrorism.

Terrorism might blow up people and kill them but inequality can divide them and infill a kind of hatred for so long which people can never get rid of. When it comes to inequlity, we Indian are kind of specialists. For scienceand technology we might have lesser patent applications, but when it comes to innovation in the field of inequality, no one can beat us.

Economic inequality, religious inequality, regional inequalityPolitical inequlaity, inequality prevailing in the spheres of caste, creed, sex, education and what not.

As if the Preamble of our constitution is just a fictional novel written by J K Rowling. We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC & to provide all its people JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQULAITY & FRATERNITY. Does these words hold any truth in our country.

Leave apart blaming the government. Are we perfect? Are not we behave in a different way to people who are less fortunate (Those who are poor or sometimes belongs to a lower caste) than us as if they are from a poor alien planet.


India & Inequality

What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you hear the word INDIA? A nation, Billions of people, poverty, Emerging economy, Spirituality, enormous religions, Bollywood, Billionaires, outsourcing, corruption and what not. In a way we can say that India is a belief which is existing in this planet since humans stopped living as nomads and started civilizations.

Every country goes through certain phases, some bad and some good. At the end of the day, what matters is whether the belief, with which the nation shaped, is still there or not. India always represented freedom to its people, even when the most treacherous rulers ruled her. There was always a sense of certainty among its people that, India gives a kind of liberty where one can practice their belief freely and preach it without any danger of forcible closure. In a way India provided a sense of equality among its people. Even those who were outsider were having the freedom to practice their divinity without any fear of subduing to the majority’s opinions. Islam, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity and any other religion which came to this country prospered here and acquired followers.

From the time of its inception, India was ruled by the people of different religions and even in the bad phases people were having the freedom to choose their faith. Well, one can’t say that, this nation never had any difficulties. It had its fair share of troubles. But with the passage of time people overcame those hindrances and the beliefs from the olden days remained strong.

Now fast forward to 21st Century. And this story will continue as still not completed it and dont have the time to write

The Boy’s Lovestory

Well, its the story of a boy & a girl who works in the same office (Point to be noted: in different teams). In a way, its the story of the boy and his first love.

Any one who lived his life on a diet of Bollywood flicks will firmly believe that any story about a boy and a girl need to be a lovestory and these lovestories can be categorised into the following types,

  1. Happy ending lovestories
  2. Tragic lovestories
  3. Love triangles/quadrangles
  4. Love at first sight stories
  5. Rich boy/ poor girl or viceversa lovestories.

And the list goes on. Practically speaking every lovestory in the world is unique in its own right.

But if you ask which category this story belongs, the answer would be none as the love in the story has not yet begun. Its still in Chapter one, where the girl looks at the boy(The boy thinks so), the boy look at the girl, so on and so forth)

Cool, now lets start the story. The Romance started when the boy’s department moved to their new office building. The girl used to cross the corridor which is next to the boy’s desk very often and the boy started looking at the beautiful woman, that the girl is. One day, the boy and girl’s eyes met each other and something happened which sparked lightning within the boy’s heart. An unromantic idiot fell in love. What the girl thinks about the boy is still a mystery.

From that day onwards the boy glanced at the girl on every chance he got. Some of them are

  1. While entering his cubicle
  2. While getting out of the cubicle
  3. For attending any meeting
  4. Getting a cup of coffee/tea

The first thing he used to notice is the girl working in her desk with head down. Sometimes, if lucky, the boy able to see the angelic face of the girl which used to glow like stars in a dark night.

This was it. The story never went ahead. One of the boy’s pals at office said one day, “If you cant talk to her, then let me talk to her on your behalf.”

The boy said in an amused voice’ “ What !!!!!!!”

“Let me tell that girl that my friend want to go on a date with you.” His Friend said.

And the boy was like, “ Pease dont do anything like this. I will do it on my own”

But the boy never asked the girl out and same old story of staring continued for a while. (While means till now.)