Some Terrible Poetry

Well presenting some terrible poetry, which will make William Wordsworth cry.

Shakesphere will be wanting me to die.

He will consult Munna Bhai,

whom i will give a choco pie

and he will say,

“Chalo Jadu ki Jhappi ho jaye”

 And  the poem starts now

Once upon a time there lived a man,

Who believed that he is the perfect one.

He thought of changing the world,

Bringing people togther who were apart.

In this way, he learned that,

there is nothing perfect.

The world is no more a place,

which he can consider as great.

but in the process of saving the world, he forgot,

Its an imperfect planet, where change needs to be bought.


One comment

  1. Sushree · December 30, 2011

    Well, the poetry is depicting that one should see the perfectness in everything that is imperfect. And, who knows whats the perfectness in that which we say to be imperfect ? Try to see everything in an perfect way even though you are imperfect. Because, Perfection leads to Imperfection, which again leads to confusion.

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