Corruption: The Evil within us

Corruption: The Evil within us

In the last few months India is witnessing something which the world has not seen for years in this so called emerging giant. It’s an upsurge in raising the voice against an age old delinquency which exists since time unknown.

In the sacred text of Geeta, Lord Krishna mentioned, O, Arjuna if I do not perform the work consciously, all men will start behaving like me. If I stop working; the whole world will sink into corruption (ruin) and I shall become corrupter and destroyer of all these men (Corruption as per Geeta). In a way Lord Krishna said the same thing what Stan Lee told us in Spider man, Great Power comes with great responsibility. If one person with power fails to recognize his/ her own duty, he contaminates the entire system under him.

Power corrupts and the proof of this can be found even in the cultural domains of our lives. From all the ancient scriptures, sacred ancient texts to modern day Dramas, novels or Movies, the villains always represent a demonic powerful personality infatuated by corrupt nature . It’s only in the last few minutes (or pages in case of a book), that the He ro overcomes his own fears, doubts, reservation and comes as a victor against the deceitful desperado. Whether it’s Lord Rama or Rocky Balboa, we always loved the uncorrupted underdogs. But in our real lives we are far from gullible. How we will define the term corruption?

A low level clerk working in a Government office, who wants his children to attend an English medium school, approves a document for a bribe of Rs. 500, or a Politician getting millions of dollars for giving a billion dollar armed forces contract to a foreign corporation will be considered as a case of corruption. In theory both may be examples of an unethical practice, but in reality the latter case poses a greater danger to the society.

This high profile case of bribery is not a secluded case of corruption in this emerging giant. If one looks at the history of Indian Politics after independence, examples of corruption are abundant. By coincidence, when I searched the word CORRUPTION in GOOGLE, the third result was CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

It does not mean that Indians mutely accepted this as a part of life. Many protested and with passage of time their voices become soundless. But what happened in the past few months can be termed as impossible. If one (Preferably an Indian) got deserted in a dilapidated island and suddenly comes back and see this citizen revolution, he will also start believing on Spider man, Batman and life on Mars.

Who would believe that a Gandhian in his 70s will evoke a sensationalism which will provoke the minds of a generation which was considered to be lost in the contradictory effects of traditional upbringing and modern lifestyle? Anna does not anymore reflect the dialogue of some unknown Tamil movie (which no one had seen) ANNA RASCALA, MIND IT. Now its Anna Hazare. The Fasting to remove corruption from its roots by ANNA is the new Breaking News across all major news channels who were earlier feeding its audience with crime shows, TV soap opera news & Bollywood. Anna’s fast was covered by media in such a way as if it was another war on terror by USA. People connected themselves with him in a way, as if It is the struggle of Independence and corrupt Politicians are the manifestation of British Raj.

The so called children of Capitalist India are coming out of their shells are participating in protest marches. Whether its employees of Microsoft, IBM or Sun Microsystems, after working hours, they are coming to support the Anna as if he is some sort of reincarnation of Anna Kournikova. Gandhi, with whom many young people of Today’s India are unable to connect are connecting to the philosophy of one of the Gandhian followers. It can be self contradictory but India is beyond statement, for anything you say, the opposite is also true (Sarah McDonald).



  1. Sushree · December 28, 2011

    Eradicating Corruption is not a one man dream. It has to be the dream of the Politics, Economics, Science, Government and .It is something which the educated mass has to work out. The darkest side of India is seen from the eyes of corruption which could make a change only when people in the system are empathetic enough at large.

    • tapanjena · December 28, 2011

      Hey Sushree You should write a blog yaar……

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