All those moments

All those moments I cherished so far,
All those reminiscences that I preserved,
Still mesmerize me in ways I can’t even explain.
Still makes me feel as if I’ve re-birthed again.

Can some memories be held unto?
They are not mine to begin with.
Yet it feels as if all of it is mine.
Everything is momentary though,
Each moment is just a paradox of now or never.



Hiding the real you beneath a surface so deep
No one can ever find your true self anymore
You are no more what you used to be
Instead, you are what you are hiding

Stay there
Be as quiet as you like
But don’t forget all the lies you’ve told the world
If it would have been truths, you won’t have to remember anything.

Yet, you preferred the lies
Don’t you get entangled in your web full of deceits
Things would finally come out
Revealing the real you from what you are portraying.

What i believe!

What I believe, what I think and what I see,
Are they real or just a portrayal of my fantasy
How to prove their very existence?
People say, you see what you want to see.
Was all of it then, just a trickery
Will it vary if I change the way, the way I perceive things

Does nothing in this world got any meaning at all?
Is all this a façade?
The more I try to see, why the less I comprehend?

This consistency amazes me as well
There’s so much uniformity, there are so much sameness in our lives
Why all these things are the way they are?

So many people, limitless interpretations
Yet, what prevails is just a function of power and deception

Where we are heading, if nothing being true at all
Why we are robbing ourselves from having a point of view
Why someone else’s opinion takes precedence over our own?

So many questions, so little time.

Death of Intellect

Beginning to think is beginning to be “undermined”
To take the final flight, away from light
Into the dark environs of one’s state of mind

Just a careful analysis of letdowns or mere trickery of deceiving soul
What sets off the crisis is almost always unverifiable?

An act like this is decreed upon within the silence of the heart.
As if a great work of art.

Sidelining hopes for a better tomorrow,
the man prefers a fatal evasion

Powerless to realize the transcendent,
Incapable of exhuming the depth of experience

The man deify what crushes him,
depriving him forever from the divine existence
Sacrificing his intellect, the believer immerses within darkness
In his failure, the believer finds triumph.

What i think of…

Does it even matter, someone else’s perspectives?

Isn’t it’s entirely dependent on the argument the person is making? How good someone is in his/her reasoning abilities should take the statement further. Sounds Good, doesn’t it? Apparently, the real world doesn’t operate that way.

Whenever newer ideas pop up in front of someone’s door and start ringing the bell, they would be only open the doors, if these are similar to their existing beliefs. In case these thought processes are conflicting in nature, a lot of trials and tribulations would ensue in the person’s mind to determine if it’s worth taking the risk or not.

Logic and rationality of the arguments made, supposed to prevail over everything else; but that hardly happens in our world.

Developing new principles does not happen in one single day. These are intricately woven around us since we are born. The people in our surroundings introduce us to these ideas which would further guide us throughout our lives.  These are not necessarily Individualistic in nature, instead they are representative of entire cultures. E.g. Nonviolence and Buddhism or Vegetarianism in Hinduism.

The Athenians being more creative, the Spartan being war centric cannot be written off as stereotyping. This is how their respective world operated in those days.

Apparently, there are parts of the world which follow such rigidity even now, but there are voices coming against these monocratic inflexibilities. Everyone around us aspires individual freedom, free will. There’s no place for these regressive style of cultural appropriation in the present world anymore.

Cultures now favor conversations. If one’s views are not mainstream, that doesn’t mean you would be voiceless. People like Galileo won’t be prosecuted if they would have been born in this age. Unless they defy certain religions that pissed off the big bad wolfs destined to save those so called organizations.

We might never become a perfect utopian world, but we can certainly become better than what we were the day before. Many might have the notion that the present world is somewhat more dystopian thanks to Rise of nationalism across countries, Election of Mr. Trump, Brexit, North Korean Crisis, the post war insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan but this is still the best times the world has ever seen. When people used to die in the Manmade famines of Colonial India, the British didn’t even raise their eyebrow. Now the plight of Rohingyas resonated into International backlash against the Military junta of Myanmar. Even severe criticisms were made against Aung San Syu Ki for not doing enough to save the people.

Sounds trivial? If one looks around, there’s endless no. of crises going around.

The world was never a just place; it might never become one. But we are getting better each passing day. For each injustice, there are hundreds coming forward to offer a helping hand.

Elusively Real

What I see; is it even real? What I think; does it even exist? How to differentiate reality from the unreal? They say, people see what they want to see. Will reality will vary if I change the way I perceive things?

Does nothing in this world got any meaning? What about our lives? Is all this a façade? The more we think of our lives, the less we are able to comprehend!

Have you ever noticed the uniformity in all the spheres in our lives? What’s the reason behind it? Why are all these things the way they are? Every possible explanation is nothing more than a mere interpretation? Some say whatever interpretation prevailed at a given time is a function of power and not truth. Does that mean, everything we know of is based on a lie, propagated by a person who had vested interests! What about facts? They are supposed to be real. Isn’t it? But facts can be interpreted differently as well. Until and unless the lion learns how to write, every story would glorify the hunter.

There are so many aspects of our lives, where we rob ourselves from having a point of view; instead we follow someone else’s perspectives. Why all of a sudden, a different individual’s outlooks take precedent over our own thought processes?

What about logic and rationality behind the interpreted argument? Isn’t supposed to prevail over everything else?

Nowhere to be found

“Change is the only constant.”

  • Heraclitus


Lost I was; for a long time. Life was easy, but I looked at it differently. As Nietzsche said, “There’s no facts, only interpretations”. I interpreted life to be sad. It was far from it though. A heartbreak here and there, irrelevant differences with family, stupid fights with close friends further sank me into a deep state of depression.  A little bit of positivity, a different outlook would’ve helped. But I never let go of the overburdened load which still swaddled around me and sunk me beneath the ocean of sadness. Blaming others was the easiest way out. It’s us who needs to break free, who needs to take that journey further. Others can merely show us the direction.

Things don’t stay the same in the longer run. Everything changes for better or for worse. Sometimes, the smallest things can alter the directions of our lives. A mere coincidence, a chance encounter, a fleeting glance. It may sound farfetched, but it does happen. We change to become better versions of ourselves or we simply perish. All of it depends on how well we get accustomed to the surrounding environment. Changing oneself is no easy job though. There’s no point going the distance if deep down one doesn’t want to change. Change can be scary as well. Stepping into the unknown would be pretty frightening. Won’t it be? The first step towards it would be quite hard. Once you gather enough courage to take the first step, the following ones won’t be difficult at all.

Courage isn’t the only ingredient though. Focus is important as well. Alexander the Great’s tales of bravery was extraordinary but there were many brave men in ancient Greece. It’s his single-mindedness to conquer the world which differentiated him from the rest of them. In spite of so many obstacles coming his way, did he ever lose hope? If he would have, would we be talking about his greatness right now? Definitely not.

Changing oneself is not a sprint, instead it is an infuriating marathon, or may be a Triathlon. With each passing day, the person going through it would become stronger, more resilient enough to not give up. Initially there would be a lot of hardships. One needs to keep going if he/she wants to complete the race. To enforce change one needs to devote time to part away from the existing values to make way for newer ones. Our belief systems are more like roots; have become so entangled that it’s unthinkable that we will ever part.  Just imagine, if someone who believes Capital punishment is just, cannot go against it the very next day. Once we come out of our comfort zone and start asking questions, our perspectives might change.

There can be instances where a single experience would make you doubt your existing set of beliefs. E.g. the drastic transformation King Asoka went through after the Kalinga war can be one such example. What make people disregard their own dominant convictions? What make them go against their own belief systems? A tricky question. Isn’t it?

A friend of mine had this notion that giving money to a beggar kid would further isolate them from diligence. Rather it would encourage them to continue to be beggars in future as well. One fine day he decided to observe a kid whom he would meet often near a traffic signal on his way to office. The kid in his shabby clothes would beg and after a while would go to a corner next to the road to give back whatever he collected to an old man. After many such observations, he realized that the kid would get a violent whipping if he fails to collect any money. Further enquiry helped my friend realize that the shadowy figure is none other than the father of the kid. A drunkard laborer who would force his kid to beg to support his own addiction. Now days, my friend would give money to such kids, whenever he encounters them. When asked why, his answer was, “it might save the kid from a beating.”

Memories are having this distinct power to warm you up from the inside. A storehouse of all our remembrance. Certain times, they are so far away from present, it becomes vague and disputable. No matter how fictitious they are, we believe them to be true. There are events, which we have encountered partially and not aware of the whole side of it. So we would build stories around it, make multiple hypothesis adjoining it. For us they are the whole truth.

When you are lost in a land that’s far away from the reality you ever believed to be true, the importance of truth doesn’t matter. To be frank, seclusion was driving me insane. Nothing mattered at all. Time become a devil and it consumed my sanity.  I would not sleep for days to stay away from dreams. But being awake didn’t help either. Hallucinations from the past were plenty.  I started seeing people who were long gone from my life. I knew my mind is playing games, but those experiences were life like. Certain times I relished them. It emulated what I wanted my life to be.